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Better Retail Cash Security Strategies for 2024 [Infographic]

Today, more consumers are relying on cash (53%) to make their purchases and limit their spending. This cash use directly affects retailers by eliminating a hefty chunk of their card processing fees (yay!) AND increasing their levels of in-store cash...along with all of the risks that creates.  After all an economy that has consumers turning to cash to manage their budgets is also a situation that makes access to quick cash more tempting - for both internal and external bad actors. Security continues to be a growing problem for convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail establishments - especially when it comes to managing and handling store cash.

So, how can retailers implement better cash security strategies to protect their stores, employees, and bottom line? Download the infographic below to find out!

Eyes on Cash Matter

Some key points for better cash security strategies:

  • LIVE eyes on cash reduce crime by an additional 20%. Surprisingly, studies have found that handling cash out in the open where employees and consumers can see the money actively increases the pressure on all involved to behave morally.
  • Retailers can reduce the risk of robbery by up to 80% by lowering the "reward" or amount of cash on-site.

Click on the graphic below to view the full-size PDF.

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